Malaysia International Dental Show (MIDS) 2019

Dr. Eduardo Mahn (Chile)



Dr. Eduardo Mahn (Chile)

Speaker Profile

Dr. Mahn graduated from the University of Chile, in 2010 got his doctorate degree in Implantology from the Duesseldorf University, owns a Diploma from NYU and is a certified prosthodontist in Chile.

He is the author and co-author from several concepts and techniques like the dynamic smile, facial flow, FEM technique, 5x3 technique and others. During recent years he has been lecturing intensively about Esthetic Dentistry and Implantology around the globe. He presently Director of the Esthetic Dentistry Program at the Universidad de los Andes and is the Owner of the Austra lab and the Artis Clinic in Santiago.



Lecture 4 (Day 2)
Topic : Dynamic smile analysis, tooth form selection and the facial integration. How to integrate them in the new digital era?


Abstract :

Every year is easier to document our cases, thanks to the improvement in digital photography. We already know how important it is, probably not to document the whole case, but at least to give the technician certain information and to have a minimal protocol for the diagnosis and planning of anterior cases. This is crucial for us in order to develop a minimal sense for esthetics and it will help us to recognize what kind of treatment we should do and for example, how many teeth we should include or leave untouched. The facial midline and inclination of the teeth midlines or oclusal plane are crucial, should be under control and if there is no way to parallelize them we should at least diminish their esthetic impact, following natural asymmetries. How to choose the proper tooth form and size is also of paramount importance and still difficult to control. Unfortunately, CAD-CAM technology is still not making it any easier. Many clinicians and technicians are still making copies of human-made wax-ups.

How to simplifiy clinical digital protocols and combine them with simple traditional tools will be the key of the lecture. New insights about smile design, tooth form selection, laypersons preferences, face asymmetries will be shown, based on detailed clinical cases and the newest publications.




Day 2 - Lecture 4

Date : 2nd June 2020 (Tue)
Time : 8:30 am - 9:30 am
Venue : Sunway Pyramid Convention Centre








Lecture 5 (Day 2)
Topic : Composites in the Anterior Region: An Aesthetic Revolution


Abstract :

Try to answer this question honestly:

If you will need a restoration in your mouth, which characteristics should fullfil a material?

I am sure your answer will be straight away: Simple, minimal invasive, aesthetic and durable.

And composites are nowadays achieving exactly these characteristics! It is true that in the past there were many drawbacks with composite application. Complicate adhesion procedures, handling problems, colour stability, excessive wear and surface deterioration. Specially for anterior restorations colour stability, minimal surface roughness and final gloss is crucial. This is what we always hear, but immediate surface gloss is not difficult to achieve, the challenge is that the gloss can remain for a long period and this is exactly where many modern composites (also nanocomposites) are lacking! There is a huge range of filler and monomer types used in the so called “nanocomposites”. Therefore their characteristics and behaviour in the mouth is as diverse as the materials used. On the other hand with the right indication and the proper choice of material the range of indications is really broad. But the correct choice of the material, by itself, does not assure you the success. This is just the beginning. Only with the correct understanding of optical and biological principles the clinician can pretend to achieve an acceptable result. A deep understanding of preparation rules, adhesion steps, composite application and polishing techniques are mandatory.

The lecture will give guidelines regarding the choice of materials, show new techniques with composites in the anterior region, present a simplified layering concept and discuss the limitations of them. It will be based on many fully documented clinical cases, with step by step procedures.




Day 2 - Lecture 5

Date : 2nd June 2020 (Tue)
Time : 9:30 am - 10:15 am
Venue : Sunway Pyramid Convention Centre








Workshop 2 (Day 2)
Topic : Composites: Simple, Aesthetic and Minimal Invasive


Objective :

The objective of the course is to give the participants the tools that they need for placing the modern composites properly. The course will try to give practical and scientific information about the latest development in composite science. It will describe step by step the classical layering technique with its advantages and disadvantages. Modifications, tips and tricks will be presented.



Course Outline :

Composites have been used for tooth restorations for more than 30 years, and materials designed specifically for optimal aesthetics have been introduced by nearly every company in recent years. Nowadays, because of the improvements in enamel and specially in dentin adhesion, adhesive dentistry allows to reinforce the dental unit, which enables the dentist to truly restore the tooth to its almost original strength. For the patients, aesthetics is the most evident advantage of adhesive dentistry and generally they are more satisfied with tooth colored restorations. In the last years, significant improvements in composite technology have been made, but for making a state of the art restoration there are some rules and limitations to be respected.

Different anterior situation will be presented and their possible treatment options will be discussed.

First a lecture of around 1 hour will present the topic, clinical cases, problems associated with the materials, limitations of the techniques and the possible modern solutions will be given. At the end, an unemotional, down to earth analysis will confront the direct and the indirect technique.

The course will discuss:

Basic concepts for aesthetic restorations (opacity, translucency, opalescence, texture, surface roughness, contours, aesthetic parameters, light reflection, etc)
- Preparation Rules
- Adhesion Principles
- Layering Technique
- Composite Systems
- Polishing Systems, Techniques and Polishing Steps




Day 2 - Workshop 2

Date : 2nd June 2020 (Tue)
Time : 14:00 pm - 17:30 pm
Venue : Sunway Pyramid Convention Centre








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