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Prof. Dr. Chiang Tao (Taiwan)



Prof. Dr. Chiang Tao(Taiwan)

Speaker Profile

Currently pratising in Taiwan, Prof. Dr. Chiang Tao is the Chairman, Biomate Implant Academy Institute, a Professor at College of Oral Medicine, Taipei Medical University, a Consultant for Biomate Medical Devices Technology Co., Ltd., the Head of Research Academy Division, Taiwan Academy of Laser in Dentistry and Director at Yong-Lin Dental Clinic. Prof. Dr. Chiang Tao possessed a remarkable 25 years of experience in the field of implantation.


DMSc, Harvard School of Dental Medicine, USA
DDS, School of Dentistry, Kaohsiung Medical University, Taiwan.


History in Profession
• Dean, Graduate Institute of Oran Sciences, Chung Shan Medical University
• Executive Supervisor, Taiwan Academy of Implant Dentistry
• Specialist, Taiwan Academy of Implant Dentistry
• Specialist, The Academy of Prosthetic Dentistry


Clinical Specialty
• Molecular biology,
• Dental material,
• Prosthodontics,
• Implantology,
• Growth factors in bone regeneration,
• Laser treatment



Topic : Laser Surface Treatment: The Link Between Implant and Bone Regeneration


Abstract :

The dental implant is getting more popular in dental daily practice nowadays. Although the successful rate is relatively high, in compromised ridge bone is still challenging to the dentist.

All healing process is revolving around the implant surface. A good treated implant surface can offer an environment for fibrin attach, provision matrix forming, bone forming cell (osteoblast) adherence, proliferation, differentiation, and finally, bone formation. Rough surface concept launched in 90’s last century. Since then, varieties of surface treatments have been raising in dental market. Of them, SLA, beyond all questions, is the most popular one. However, the residual chemicals and particles on the surface might affect the healing result.

2010, an innovative laser surface treatment was developed, namely, & Precision Dimensional Laser ( PDL )", which creates a high oxygen level surface with unique linealized micro-nano complex 3D pores. This surface can create a good bone regeneration environment even in the compromised bone condition.

In this session, I will briefly review the healing process around the implant, and then introduce update researches of this patented Precision Dimensional Laser (PDL) which creates the unique microchannel with micro-nano complex 3D pore and the novel cell/implant interaction on the laser treated implant surface. Most importantly, I will present those several PDL implants using in the compromised ridge cases. Through the unique follow-up clinic performance, the possible factors and /or mechanisms involved in this unique laser treated implant healing would be discussed.




Day 3 - Lecture 9

Date : 3rd June 2020 (Wed)
Time : 8:30 am - 9:30 am
Venue : Sunway Pyramid Convention Centre










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